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First up in our month devoted to movies about Sexy Schemes is the classic, the OG, the beginning and the end of sexy scheme movies…. CRUEL INTENTIONS.

We watched along with Jenny Donheiser and John Early, who are very sexy and very schemey, too. 



This week’s episode of Funny Lady Film Club we were joined by Yoni Lotan and Matt Kazman and we watched seminal Diane Keaton classic, Baby Boom.

This is the FIRST EPISODE to feature male guests. How do Danielle and Alex act around MEN? Click to find out, the answer may SHOCK YOU*. 

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*The same




In this week’s Funny Lady Film Club we were joined by Morgan Grace Jarrett and Anna Drezen and watched the phenomenal Broadcast News

This movie has it all- it’s hilarious, it’s touching, it’s sexy, and it’s about interesting human beings who all have wants or needs. If you’ve never seen it, it’s a MUST. 

Watch and let us know your thoughts!


xo A&D

We went to SoulCycle and Self Magazine filmed it! We think we deserve #FreeClassesForLife !!!


This week on Funny Lady Film Club, we watched “Nine to Five” with two great pals and very funny ladies: Emily Tarver and Sue Smith!!!

Click to watch us gab about horrible bosses, Dolly Parton’s boobies, and “The Kimono of Freedom.”

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YAY! Episode 2!